Today, in Yambio, South Sudan, 128 children, including 38 girls and 90 boys, were released by two different armed groups – the South Sudan National Liberation Army and the SPLA – IO (Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition). This progress brought the total number released in 2018 to over 900.

The release of the children from armed ranks was witnessed by the United Nations Children’s agency – UNICEF, a team from the Child protection unit of UNMISS and other partners.

UNICEF Chief of Child Protection, Vedasto Nsanzugwanko, spoke with Radio Miraya and explained the significance of today’s release of children.


Also, Alfred Orono Orono, the Chief of the Child Protection section UNMISS describes today’s release of children as a significant milestone achieved through partnerships between the United Nations, the government and other partners.

Additional releases are expected in the coming months.

The children released are undergoing a reintegration process and will go back their homes and schools. Some children will be provided with vocational training aimed at improving household income and food security. In addition to services related to livelihoods, UNICEF and partners will ensure the released children have access to psychosocial support, age-specific education services in schools and accelerated learning centers.

For more information, you can also read the press release from UNICEF: