Event Video available here: UN Web TV

Agenda of the event available here : Agenda 25th anniversary of the CAAC mandate

Summary of interventions available here: Summary of interventions

25th Anniversary Study available here: Study on the evolution of the Children and Armed Conflict mandate 1996-2021

The event marking the 25th anniversary of the CAAC mandate took place on 18 January 2022.

It was an opportunity to reflect on the progress for conflict-affected children in the past 25 years, to highlight the added value of the Children and Armed Conflict mandate as part of the human rights, peace and security, peacebuilding, development and humanitarian agendas, and to explore how, by focusing on prevention, can the mandate further contribute to sustainable peace.

The event was also be an opportunity for UN partners, Member States, and civil society organizations to hear more/discuss the achievements for children and the key findings of the study, to emphasize the importance of joint advocacy for the protection of conflict-affected children and mostly, to hear more from those at the heart of the CAAC mandate: the children themselves.

The commemorative high-level event was organized by the Office of the SRSG CAAC, together with Norway and other co-sponsors.