Under Malta’s Presidency of the UN Security Council
a Briefing on Children and Armed Conflict under the theme: Prevention of Grave Violations
will take place on Monday 13 February 2023 at 10am EST

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The meeting will be broadcasted live, click on the link to watch: https://media.un.org/en/webtv/schedule

Resolution 2427 (2018) identifies the need to prioritise prevention practices but does not provide extensive guidelines on how prevention might be operationalised to obtain this goal. It further underscores the need to work in a coordinated manner for prevention at global, regional, national and community levels. The briefing will provide Council Members with the opportunity to:

➢ Take stock of where stronger linkages could be made across the UN system to reinforce efforts to prevent and respond to violations and address risk factors to children, such as trafficking, deprivation of liberty and cross-border recruitment and use of children, across the continuum of violence.
➢ Examine how the UN could assist national governments and regional and subregional organisations in strengthening their capacities for the protection and prevention of violations and abuses against children including their reintegration needs.
➢ Examine how best practices and international initiatives led by Member States can assist in prevention of grave violations against children in, for and by armed conflict.
➢ Propose concrete solutions for ensuring a more systematic reporting on early warning indicators of the emerging or sudden escalation of violence against children and how these affect international peace and stability, as well as how to keep the Council seized of this matter.
➢ Recommend the strengthening of capacities to protect children and expertise across the various dimensions of the pre-conflict, conflict, and post conflict environments.