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In response to a rise in grave violations committed against children in recent years, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict  is launching ACT to Protect Children Affected by Conflict, a global campaign to generate greater awareness and action to protect children affected by war.

“With more children suffering horrific abuses in war zones across the globe, we desperately need to reinvigorate our efforts to raise awareness about the core of the mandate I represent – the six great violations, and to redouble our common advocacy to ensure action by parties to conflict to give children the protection they deserve,” said Virginia Gamba.

Over the next three years, the campaign will seek to strengthen collaboration between the United Nations, civil society and the international community to support actions designed to end and prevent grave violations committed against children in times of conflict.

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ACT to Protect: What Can You Do?

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Together, we can ACT to Protect children affected by armed conflict!

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  • Stay informed and share news about what is happening to children growing up in countries affected by conflict
  • Remind warring parties the world has long agreed that all children must be protected;
  • Support organizations that provide services for child victims of grave violations;
  • Promote a culture of peace and support initiatives that help create communities that are more secure for children;
  • Encourage the international community to give attention and resources for the protection of children;

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