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2023: Alarming levels of violence inflicted on children in situations of armed conflict

Annual Report of the UN Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict New York, 11 June 2024 –In 2023, children living in conflict situations experienced violence in unbearable levels, shows a new report of the UN Secretary-General on children and armed conflict published today. Children have been recruited and used including at the frontlines, attacked in [...]

2024-06-13T08:32:10-04:00Thursday, 13 June 2024|

The opposition Syrian National Army, including Ahrar al-Sham and Army of Islam, and their aligned legions and factions, Sign Action Plan to End and Prevent the Recruitment and Use and Killing and Maiming of Children

New York, June 3rd, 2024 – The opposition Syrian National Army (SNA), including Ahrar al-Sham and Army of Islam, and their aligned legions and factions, signed an action plan with the United Nations to end and prevent the recruitment and use and the killing and maiming of children as per Security Council Resolution 1539 (2004) [...]

2024-06-05T11:27:57-04:00Monday, 3 June 2024|

Iraq: increase of grave violations against children, but critical engagements by the Government create hope for a better future

The children of Iraq continue to face grave violations, but recent engagements between the Government of Iraq and the United Nations for the protection of children offer hope for a brighter tomorrow, highlights a new report of the UN Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in Iraq released today. Among those engagements are notably the [...]

2024-04-19T14:50:00-04:00Friday, 19 April 2024|

Risk of Starvation & Imminent Famine for Children in Gaza, Sudan; Imperative to Immediately Scale Up Humanitarian Access

The armed conflicts in Gaza and Sudan have created unconscionable and catastrophic humanitarian consequences for children, who are now facing starvation and an imminent risk of famine if no actions are urgently taken to ensure and speed up the safe, systematic, and unimpeded delivery of life-saving assistance. This is especially so in northern Gaza, [...]

2024-04-16T11:20:09-04:00Tuesday, 16 April 2024|

An urgent need to protect the children of Haiti

The rapid escalation of the situation in Haiti is having devastating impacts on children, challenging their right to safety, health, well-being, and a peaceful childhood. The unprecedented spike in armed gang violence is further forcing thousands of families, including children, to flee their homes in search of protection and life-saving relief. Half of the population [...]

2024-03-15T11:57:29-04:00Friday, 15 March 2024|

Colombia : despite positive advancements, increase in grave violations against children, important to sustain prevention efforts

Despite positive advancements, including progress on the implementation of the Final Agreement for Ending the Conflict and Building a Stable and Lasting Peace between the Government of Colombia and the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP), the resumption of peace negotiations with the Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) and dialogues with other [...]

2024-03-13T13:37:42-04:00Wednesday, 13 March 2024|

Central African Republic: Children Plight Exposed in Face of Conflict, A Need for Urgent Action

Despite some progress and a noted decrease in grave violations against children, armed conflict continued in the Central African Republic.  The vulnerability of Central African children to grave violations was exacerbated by retaliatory attacks against communities, including children for alleged support to opposing parties and the indiscriminate use of explosive ordnance by parties to [...]

2024-02-21T16:46:59-05:00Wednesday, 21 February 2024|

To mark the International Day against the use of Child Soldiers, the Special Representative is launching the Children and Armed Conflict Primer

As we mark the International Day against the use of Child Soldiers, commonly known as the Red Hand Day, the Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, Virginia Gamba, reaffirms her commitment to the protection of children affected by armed conflict in all regions of the world. The recruitment and use of children by armed [...]

2024-02-12T09:43:09-05:00Monday, 12 February 2024|

With the closure of UNITAMS, the Special Representative Urges Support to Close Gaps in Child Protection Capacity and Funding in Sudan

“This painting is for every child affected by war. No bullets. One rose for each child.” (10-year-old Majd) “I drew a military tank. I saw a tank and soldiers when we were traveling to another city. And there was a fight... I wish the war would stop… I want to go home.” (Fatima) https://www.unicef.org/sudan/stories/no-bullets-one-rose-each-child [...]

2024-02-08T11:55:14-05:00Wednesday, 7 February 2024|

Splintering of existing crisis, emergence of new armed actors. The critical need for collaborative and complementary approach to better address child protection in armed conflict.

Report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict to the Human Rights Council  A bleak year for children around the world In 2023, tens of thousands of children were affected by armed conflict across the world, suffering abhorrent abuses and violations of their rights. The splintering of existing or the [...]

2024-01-25T10:18:14-05:00Thursday, 25 January 2024|
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