Visit to Burundi – February 1999

The Special Representative visited Burundi from 24 to 28 February 1999 to assess first-hand the impact of the ongoing war on children and to discuss ways to protect them better in that situation.

The Special Representative met with government officials, governors of five provinces where children have been most seriously affected by the war, with the United Nations country team, representatives of the diplomatic corps, religious leaders, national and international non-governmental organizations, representatives of ICRC and women’s associations.

A number of issues were raised during the visit:

  • Age of recruitment.
  • Protection of civilian populations.
  • Convention on anti-personnel Landmines.
  • Placing the protection and welfare of children on the agenda of the Arusha peace talks.
  • Participation of women in the Arusha process.
  • Suspension of Sanctions.