Visit to Sierra Leone – July 2002

The Office of the Special Representative undertook a follow-up mission to Sierra Leone from 22-26 July 2002. The Office met with the National Commission for War-Affected Children established following a recommendation made by the Special Representative during his visit to Sierra Leone in 1999. The Office worked with the Government to establish the Commission which is now operational. As of July 2002, the Executive Director, 12 Commissioners 8 technical staff took up positions in the Commission. The Office of the Special Representative participated in the Commission’s strategic planning exercise, and will continue to support the efforts of the Executive Director, Commissioners, and staff to implement its work plan.

The Office de-briefed the UNAMSIL Senior Child Protection Adviser, to document and learn from her experiences in order to further strengthen child protection functions within UNAMSIL and in other Peacekeeping operations. The Office also finalized arrangements with UNAMSIL to launch the ‘Voice of Children’ initiative in Sierra Leone.