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104, 2020

Abducted, Recruited, Forcibly Married, Detained: Children in Somalia Endured Staggering Levels of Grave Violations

Wednesday, 1 April 2020|Press Releases, Featured @ Home|

Children in Somalia have endured among the highest levels of violence of all countries on the Children and Armed Conflict agenda, with number of cases of recruitment and use, abduction and sexual violence exceeding those verified in other country situations, highlighted the fifth report of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict in Somalia. A total of 14,856 grave violations against children have been verified during the reporting period, between [...]

3003, 2020

Children Affected by Armed Conflict Even More Vulnerable in These Uncertain Times – Message from the SRSG for Children and Armed Conflict

Monday, 30 March 2020|Statements, Featured @ Home|

The world as we know it is facing an unprecedented global crisis, one that compounds the suffering of the world’s already most vulnerable—especially those who live in armed conflict environments. The Secretary-General has made a plea for peace and called for a global cease-fire as the world is facing a common enemy called COVID-19. In the past few days, his call has been heard by armed elements in Cameroon, the [...]

2303, 2020

Message from the UN Secretary-General: Appeal for Global Cease-Fire

Monday, 23 March 2020|Statements, Featured @ Home|

Our world faces a common enemy: COVID-19. The virus does not care about nationality or ethnicity, faction or faith.  It attacks all, relentlessly. Meanwhile, armed conflict rages on around the world. The most vulnerable — women and children, people with disabilities, the marginalized and the displaced — pay the highest price. They are also at the highest risk of suffering devastating losses from COVID-19. Let’s not forget that in war-ravaged [...]

1703, 2020

CAR: UN Official Welcomes New Legislation Criminalizing Child Recruitment

Tuesday, 17 March 2020|Press Releases, Featured @ Home|

Following an extensive period of consultations and advocacy from the United Nations, the National Assembly in the Central African Republic adopted recently the Child Pr