Millions of children denied education due to conflict – UN warns

./Hacked By Prosox

Hacked by Prosox
United Nations Office of the SRSG Children and Armed Conflict 0wned
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Now I think i can leave defacing & focus on the real hacking. But if I had something to say/spread:
We’ve seen and noticed that, we’re manipulated and hypnotised by medias. My message would be to believe only yourself.
For example, to bully the Muslims (I am not A Muslim, here is the truth, i’m just understanding the truth) for what they didn’t do
Isn’t normal, entering in the game of the terrorists, the ones who are the real killers (Israel, a conspiration created by some corrupt agencies and governements to help them controling the world), or united states governement
(for example did you ask yourself why did united states help israle or kill Hussain ?), entering in their game, (they have medias in their hand), believe those medias, and then rejecting thd fault over the wrong people…
Being a good tool, hypnotised, thinking he’s free, is a hiddien and a not wanted terrorism, because this is what the terrorism wants.