Grave Violations

Recruitment and use
Killing and maiming
(72 killed – 87 maimed; 129 boys – 28 girls – 4 sex unknown)
Sexual violence
children (6 girls, 0 boys)
(1 school, 2 hospitals)
children (10 girls, 5 boys)
verified incidents

*The information below is based on the Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict (A/76/871-S/2022/493) issued on 11 July 2022. Violations that occurred in previous years but were verified in 2021 have been included in the totals above.

Developments & Concerns


  • Absence of cases of the recruitment and use of children attributed to PMF and the engagement between the Government and the United Nations to prevent grave violations, and the progress made towards the development of an action plan to end and prevent the recruitment and use of children by PMF.
  • Adoption of the Law on Support to Female Yazidi Survivors.
  • Repatriation of 336 Iraqi families, including 858 children, from Hawl camp in the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as repatriation of 223 children from Iraq to their countries of origin.


  • Explosive remnants of war are the leading cause for rising child casualties.
  • Increase in the number of children detained on national security-related charges, including for their actual or alleged association with Da’esh.


To the Government:

  • To prioritize the adoption and implementation of the action plan.
  • To fully implement international legal instruments on mines and explosive remnants of war.
  • To continue demining, mine risk education and victim assistance, including prior to any movement by internally displaced persons to contaminated areas.
  • To address the needs of other minorities, of boys and men who are survivors of Da’esh atrocities and of children born of rape.
  • To facilitate the reintegration of all children affected by armed conflict, with the support of the United Nations.