Grave Violations

Recruitment and use
children (8 boys, 4 girls)
Killing and maiming
(54 killed – 114 maimed; 37 girls – 130 boys – 1 sex unknown)
Sexual violence
children (17 girls, 1 boys)
(5 schools, 1 hospitals)
children (1 girl, 0 boys)
verified incidents

*The information below is based on the Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict (A/76/871-S/2022/493) issued on 11 July 2022. Violations that occurred in previous years but were verified in 2021 have been included in the totals above.

Developments & Concerns


  • Collaboration between the transitional authorities and the United Nations to strengthen the protection of children, resulting in the joint commitment by the transitional authorities and signatories to the Juba Agreement for Peace in the Sudan to a road map based on the 2016 action plan on ending and preventing child recruitment and use.
  • The use of child rights and human rights units within the government security forces to address grave violations


  • Stalled implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement.
  • Uncertainties surrounding the Sudanese transition following the military coup of 25 October 2021.
  • Rising intercommunal tensions in the Sudan, particularly in Darfur.
  • Ongoing access restrictions to conflict-affected areas.
  • Ongoing violations, particularly the killing and maiming of children and the perpetration of sexual violence against them.


To the Government:

  • To endorse the road map based on the 2016 action plan on ending and preventing recruitment and use.
  • To engage with transitional authorities and the United Nations on a longer-term national prevention plan to prevent all grave violations and sustain the gains of the 2016 action plan.
  • To encourage the transitional Government to continue to engage with the United Nations on ending and preventing grave violations within the framework of the Darfur Permanent Ceasefire Committee.
  • To enable unhindered and safe access for the United Nations and humanitarian partners to conflict-affected populations.
  • To refrain from the excessive use of force against children and to cease the military use of schools and hospitals.
  • To investigate all allegations of violations, including in the context of civil unrest, and to hold perpetrators accountable.
  • To ensure the safety of and access for mine action operations.
  • To release associated children and hand them over to reintegration actors in accordance with the national framework on children affected by armed conflict.

To All Parties

  • To encourage the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdul Wahid, including all its factions, to engage with the United Nations in order to sign an action plan, and call upon the Justice and Equality Movement, the Sudan Liberation Army-Minni Minawi and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North Abdelaziz al-Hilu and Malik Agar factions to fully implement their respective action plans and other child protection commitments, including under the 2021 road map.