25 Years for Children

The CAAC mandate is one of partnership and collaboration. Because it takes a village to ensure the protection of children from the harms of conflict.

Partners from all horizons have been supporting the CAAC mandate since its creation 25 years ago.

We invite you to listen to their voices.

ACT to Protect Children Affected by Conflict

ACT to Protect Children is a new advocacy campaign focusing on the six grave violations launched by the SRSG for Children and Armed Conflict.

Add your voice and support the campaign!

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Global Coalition for Reintegration of Child Soldiers

The Global Coalition for Reintegration was launched in September 2018 to innovate new ideas to sustainably address support for child reintegration programmes. The reintegration of these boys and girls into civilian life is essential to help them rebuild their lives and is beneficial for the society as a whole. Click to learn more.

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