Total number of ratifications: 168

You can a list of all countries that have ratified OPAC and their declarations here.

UN Member States who have not signed or ratified the Optional Protocol. UN Member States who have signed but not ratified the Optional Protocol.
Antigua and Barbuda Fiji 16/09/2005
Barbados Gambia 21/12/2000
Comoros Haiti 15/08/2002
Cook Islands Iran (Islamic Republic of) 21/09/2010
DPR Korea Lebanon 11/02/2002
Equatorial Guinea Liberia 22/09/2004
Marshall Islands Myanmar 28/09/2015
Mauritania Nauru 08/09/2000
Niue Solomon Islands 24/09/2009
Palau Somalia 16/09/2005
Papua New Guinea Suriname 10/05/2002
Saint Kitts and Nevis Zambia 29/09/2008
Sao Tome and Principe
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
 ——————–  ——————–
 Total: 17  Total: 12