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Stop the Use and Abuse of Children in and for Armed Conflict

“The international community must act today to end the impact of conflict on children wherever possible, prevent their future involvement and to assist affected children recover from violent conflict.”

Read more about SRSG Virginia Gamba’s message urging for better protection of children affected by armed conflict.

Protecting Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Protecting children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Interview with Dee Brillenburg-Wurth, the head of child protection at MONUSCO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Reintegration Story Of Khaled and Raed, Ex-Child Soldiers from Sudan

“I have only one true friend; I trust him the most. I know what is good deep in his soul. His name his Raed.”

Read the incredible story of two friends, Khaled and Raed, and how reintegration programmes can give tools to build a better future.

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